27 Feb

“The Payback” – James Brown

Friday, funky funky Friday. Jumping back to 1974 this post, for two live takes from The Godfather himself, James Brown. “I don’t know karate/but I know ka-razy” has been stuck in my head for most of my life. Words to live by, heh.

First up, from the preshow concert at the Ali/Foreman Rumble In The Jungle fight in Kinshasa, Zaire, Africa, The Payback, with one helluva bitchin’ intro by the emcee. No video in this video, but damn, does it matter?

Next, from his appearance on the show Midnight Special on September 13, 1974 (yes, another funky funky Friday), glorious sweaty video, fast and funky. A medley of The Payback / Cold Sweat / I Can’t Stand Myself / Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag. 

So… can I get into it? Can I get into it? Can I… UNH! Movin’? Groovin’? Yeah!

2 thoughts on ““The Payback” – James Brown

  1. Yeah… heh. Classic. And now you’ve gotten “Weird” Al’s “This Song is Just Six Words Long” stuck in my head.


  2. The Vic Tayback! I swear, I can’t help but think of Eddie Murphy’s old James Brown routine. “That’s a James Brown lyric. He wrote that shit. He was writing a song and said ‘I need a word here. HEEEYAAAAYYYIIIEEE!!! That’s good!'”

    Funky Funky Friday. That’s not a bad idea.

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