29 Jul

“The Baker” – The Aquabats

This surfaced in my brain yesterday while my mind was open, calm, and peaceful. Like a perfectly still lake surface at dawn, with the curlers of mist hovering motionless overhead. The ripples its rising created stuck with me the entire day, which was fraught with frustrations like you wouldn’t believe, mostly centered on the job I work, and the mindset of the corporate madness that trickles down to the peons actually making the money for them.

And the loss of a $600 eBay sale, which was indirectly related to the competence of the above mentioned company. I sure coulda used that cash.

So how does that tie in with The Aquabats’ The Baker? Beats me, heh. I’ll guess that my subconscious was/is saying “Dude, fuck maturity.” Or maybe “Suck it up, you’re good at what you do, the rest of ’em can go suck it.”

As usual, the audio quality on YouTube leaves something to be desired, so once again from the personal archives, off their Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures album, here’s The Baker, by The Aquabats.

Bon app├ętit!

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