31 Jul

“The Crusher” – The Cramps

As always, looking for one song (Killer Pussy’s Tomahawk), led me to other things of interest. Today’s show is kicked off by The Cramps’ The Crusher… and little people. In spandex.

As a surprise bonus, here’s a related/unrelated song by the Ramones, also titled The Crusher.

Go man go!

15 Mar

“The Way I Walk” – The Cramps

Today’s song is another treasure from Target Video, The Cramps live at Napa State Mental Hospital from 1978, performing their version of Jack Scott’s 1959 Top 40 hit, The Way I Walk. Before the billy bad-asses of the world “rolled”, they walked, strutted, and bared their souls in electrified, amplified rawness. And that’s The Cramps in a nutshell. To read more about The Cramps, make your way to Crawdaddy Magazine’s website. And as always, enjoy.

08 Feb

“Like A Bad Girl Should” – The Cramps

I’m a little behind on the R.I.P.ing for Lux Interior, who died last Tuesday. This is my wife’s favorite song of theirs, her theme song, if you will. 

Minor warning on the video, if your significant other catches a glimpse of this video playing onscreen, you may have an awkward moment ahead. For those of you with kids running around, there may be some interesting questions being asked of you if they’re watching along with you.

Oh who am I kidding, I’m the only one reading this, aren’t I? Heh. 😉