29 Jan

“Let There Be Drums/Quite A Beat” – Sandy Nelson

Here comes a rambling sort of posting about today’s Song of the Day. It all starts at Songfight.org. The new title/challenge was posted this morning: write a song with the title & inspired by the title Come Down Where You Ought To Be.

“Seriously?” thinks I. What the ever-loving hell? That’s one seriously awkward title.

And the little evil voice in my head (who passes for an occasional muse) retorts with “Fuck, man, let there be drums”… as in use every single damned drum I have on the track. 

A little while later, I stopped in my tracks and remembered the Sandy Nelson 45 of my mother’s that I’d listen to for hours on end, back when music was a helluva lot more analog. Let There Be Drums, indeed. 

So here’s the 45 in all its glory, and hey, bonus, the guy flips the platter over for the B-side, Quite A Beat. Start the video to be sent back to 1961, via the future.