02 Aug

“H.C. She” – Trin Tran

One-man bands never fail to fascinate me. And Trin Tran is no exception. Here’s a little propaganda, from the depths of the ‘net, about the video.

To song H.C. She. Stills are from “The Modern Sound of Trin Tran” by Eric Landmark. TrinTran uses the process of SIMULT to perform this song as well as others. This video is for demonstration purposes only. As you can see TrinTran arrived by future and past and it is very tiring. Lessons are available by phone. Please send in the form by mail and you will receive a prize package. Do not attempt to move as there is a weight limit. Otherwise, fine. PS Trin Tran does not answer the phone. Probably better to meet instead. www.myspace.com/trintran

Diggin’ it, and hard, too.

Trin Tran

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