25 Aug

“I Got Cash” – Brooklyn Funk Essentials

Goooooooood morning, y’all! Groovy loop… check. Offensive lyrics… check. Social commentary… check.

And there’s even a twist ending (and I loathe that phrase. I mean, really, a twist ending should not be the only selling point of anything, especially entertainment. “It’s a great movie, it’s got a twist ending!” Shudder. What ¬†about the ride that took you to the twist ending, huh? What about the two-odd hours of your life that was wasted just so you could see that twist ending? It’s like the directors/producers/financial backers are all saying “Fuck you, you’re cattle, and we’re filling our pockets on your sheep-like need to have some little thing to cling to to make you want to pay to watch the movie again and again and again. And tell your friends, too! Don’t spoil it! It’ll be… our… little… secret.” The illusion of participation in a social event that’s as static as a ten thousand year old corpse buried in a glacier, with you, the paying audience, sitting in the dark being baby-raped while you chew your cud in mindless enjoyment. That’s undisguised contempt you’re lapping up hungrily, and then going back to the trough for a second and third helping of.)

Fuck that.

So here’s Brooklyn Funk Essentials’ I Got Cash. Enjoy!