17 Mar

“Hall of the Mountain King” – Apocalyptica

Theme of the week: Grieg’s In The Hall Of The Mountain King.

Weirdest thing happened… I pulled up all the links on the tube of you for this week’s theme, for to pick today’s song, and every one, every one (with the exception of yesterday’s) had been taken down. Is Grieg’s estate pissed off or what?

So I don’t know how long this theme will last.

But until then, here’s some mother fuckin’ spectacle for y’all.

Apocalyptica, hailing from far off Helsinki, Finland (and a big hello to you, mystery Finnish reader, why not say hi sometime?) is here with their version of Hall of the Mountain King. Two live takes for your listening pleasure, the first more recent and with drums (and, dare I say, official, and therefore less likely to be pulled), and the second from 2001, sans drummer.

I just cannot get enough of this.