07 Sep

DIY Hell – Week One

So I’ve been listening to the ol’ catalog, separating the chaff from the, well, the chaff, heh. As demos go, they’re not bad for two days (give or take) of work. I know, I know, the Songfight ethos gives you five to ten days to write/record/produce & ship a track, but hell, I procrastinate like a suicide decorates their arms with hesitation marks.

Which is not a very reassuring sign for the creation of this album, Corruption Recycles.

But the list is down to 19 candidates, some needing very little work, while others will be hewn down and completely redone. Nineteen out of thirty-nine… I must think a hell of a lot of myself, eh? Attrition will undoubtedly occur as these weeks go on. Hopefully not a lot of stillborn deliveries, but that’s still ahead of me.

Luckily, thematically the candidates sit together pretty well. One thing I’ve learned in this dredging up of the past, is that I’m one fucked up individual. Death, murder, mayhem, perversion… these are the binds that tie it all up.

Speaking of binding… have you been to my Jango.com page lately?

Big freaky, creepy heaps o’ sticky love to y’all who went and clicked that little thumbs up for me. But it ain’t a one shot deal, every click (even if you’ve done it before) gets me that much closer to general rotation (and free plays).

Fuck, I sound like I’m selling magazine subscriptions to take a summer trip to Bangladesh or Des Moines or somewhere. Sorry. Jango.com’s free, you don’t have to sign up, though if you did, then you’d have a ‘net radio compliment/replacement to pandora.com (y’know, when your 40 free hours a month are used up and it’s only the fucking 17th).

And besides, you’d get to make a Rabid Garfunkel channel. How cool is that?

Antarctic, man, penguin-style in anchovy sauce.

/scarlet_pimpery (for this installment, heh)

Picked up the Wave Arts Power Suite 5 set of audio plugins to help out with the remix/remaster fun. Bona-fide software, at a heavy, heavy discount. Which is good, as I’m still eating what few shoestrings I’ve got left. It’s a world of difference compared to the EQs, compressors, &c. that came with the DAWs I’m been using. Shit that works, gots to love it!

I’ll finally get to experience spectral analysis and parametric EQs and such. And the manual’s actually readable & comprehendable! Go figure…

There’s a taste up, the instrumental demo of Let Me In, which has got a pretty spiffy cinematic vibe to it. Breakin’ rocks in a work gang. The old lyrics are dead and gone, fuck ’em ’til they glow. The new ones… a bit o’ story from recent (mis)adventures, heh. Muuuuch better, yeah.

That’s the updates for this week, I’ll see ya’ll in seven.


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