27 Sep

DIY Hell – Week Four

Wow, a month’s gone by since I got this idea stuck in my head. I think it’s time to have a deadline attached to the project (since not having a band staring at me while I waste their time, or a studio clock running, counting down the dollars that are going down the drain during my lack of getting down to business is having no little affect upon me).

Yeah, a deadline, that’ll help.

Stop laughing. What, me first? Oh, okay.

Yeah… I know about arbitrary deadlines, too.

So howsabout the Ides of November? Have a little multipurpose party, make some noises, &c., &c. Y’all wanna come?

Still procrastinating a little, so it’s off to the river for some field recording (and to let the four legged demon get a little exercise before I lock myself in the studio for the day).

Well, coffee first.

See ya’ll in seven,