27 Jan

“Anarchy Burger” – The Vandals

Ah, The Vandals… what sweet sweet sounds and sentiments. Max (see his Song-of-the-Day blog, if you actually want to learn things about the songs he posts. I’m just into posting cool stuff, heh) and I both are creamed corn for ’em.

Brief aside: When he and I were on tour last year, we played a show in Moscow, Idaho. Well, by “played” I really mean “drove two-thirds of the audience out of the performing arts center on campus.” Alcohol, it seems, is a key ingredient in enjoying a Primitive Screwheads show. I could be exaggerating a little. Marcus, who set the show up, kept referring to Moscow as “Home of the Vandals”. 

You see where this is going? I know less than dick about college sports, and thought Moscow, ID was just really, really proud of having this band as local boys done good. Turns out I know less than dick about The Vandals, too. Oy.

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