31 Oct

Haunted Restaurants and Bars in America

Seth’s Cellar & Bully’s at Bullock Hotel
Deadwood, SD

Technically, this tale concerns a hotel, but seeing as specters roam both the Bullock Hotel’s bar and restaurant — and we’re talking about ghost cowboys here — we’re definitely counting it. The Bullock Hotel is famously haunted by Seth Bullock, best known as Deadwood’s first sheriff, Teddy Roosevelt’s BFF, and that guy Timothy Olyphant played on HBO. He’s supposedly most agitated when he sees the staff slacking on the job, and is liable to turn on blenders or shout people’s names to scare them into shape. If a hard-ass cowboy doesn’t freak you out, don’t worry — there’re also three horrifying “ghost children” to ensure your stay is traumatizing.

via Haunted Restaurants and Bars in America.