09 Aug

“Jezebel” – Herman’s Hermits

Theme time again, kids! Of the “evolution of song” flavor…


Since most of the recordings for this song seem to be pre-1970, I’m going to be mixing up the playlist in an un-chronological way, for a reduction in the samey-samey potential. ‘Cause, y’know, I’d really like to see y’all come back tomorrow.

Here’s Herman’s Hermits, back in 1966, on (what else?) German television, performing their version of Frankie Laine’s Jezebel.

08 Aug

“Jezebel” – Frankie Laine

As with so many other entries here, this one comes from hearing a song on the ol’ satellite radio during the day’s commute.

And the song was Jezebel, performed by Herman’s Hermits. I was bopping my head along with the groovy beat, when it hit me “I’ve heard this before!” but the only version I was familiar with was from a goth-ish band by the name of Luxuria, off their 1990 Beggar’s Banquet release, Beast Box that I rescued from the “we’re not playing this crap” bin at the radio station I dj’ed at. Found a lot of interesting music that way, heh.

A trip to wikipedia and a youtube safari later, and I’ve got a theme for the next however many days for y’all…


So, we’ll start back at the very beginning, Frankie Laine in 1951 singing the Wayne Shanklin penned tune, and backed (at least on the vinyl version presented below) by the Norman Luboff Choir and Mitch Miller and his orchestra.

Three shots here, a vinyl pressing, a period tv appearance, and a later one (in the mid-to-late ’70s, judging by the suit).

Tomorrow’ll be either Herman’s Hermits or Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps…