15 Aug

“Jezebel” – Luxuria

Super special bonus!

Well, not so much… it’s one of those songs that sound better in your memory than in your ears, heh. Though I’ll probably feel differently about it tomorrow.

So, to drive the final nail into the theme with a contribution from my own library, here’s Luxuria and their version of Frankie Laine’s Jezebel, off their 1990 Beggar’s Banquet long player, Beast Box.



14 Aug

“Jezebel” – The Rumbles, LTD.




Closing this out with a return to the late ’60s bombast of what feels like you’d hear under the closing credits of some cowboy western surfer flick.

Which is pro’lly 13/16 of my musical influences right there, heh.

Here’s The Rumbles, LTD. finishing off the Frankie Laine million selling, #2 on the Billboard chart (in the ever-so-wholesome era of the early ’50s… what’s up with that?) Jezebel theme here in the land of Queasy Listening.