24 Jan

“Let’s Go, Man” – Brian Tyler

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with weird shit rattling around in my brain.

This was just such a morning. As I staggered back into consciousness today, Brian Tyler’s Let’s Go, Man, from the 2002 Coscarelli film Bubba Ho-Tep, was number one on the ol’ mental playlist. With a bullet, as they say.

So here’s the scene, and an isolated music track, for your… pleasure… yeah.

Let’s Go, Man

23 Jan

Radio Silence

Hey there, y’all, it’s been a while.

Again, heh.

DIY Hell has been put on a back burner for a while, due to both the lack of funds and the need to turn that bad boy around. We’ll see if I can bring down some great white whale(s) and get back on track, yo.

Don’t really have a song of the day, just found out Scott H. Biram’s coming to Portland in February, so I’ve been glutting myself at his site in anticipation of the happy day… errr… night.

On the Whoregasm front, we’re playing at the Ash Street Saloon in downtown Portland Thursday the 28th, along with Caguama (awesome!) and The Rawlies. Come on down and have a good time with us, why don’tcha?

Ash Street show