19 Aug

“Wednesday Night” – Dead IDentities vs. Wednesday Addams

Point/Counterpoint in Days of the Week Theme-land… Dead IDentities, who sound really tight (until they open their mouths to sing, after which they’re just another whining “punk” band) with their Wednesday Night, set to concert footage; and a snippet from an Addams Family episode, with Lurch’s song playing on the radio (the episode, if you’re curious, is titled “Lurch, the Teenage Idol”) and Wednesday Addams dancing to it.

Maybe it’s all just Point, come to think of it. Too damned early in the morning for me to tell.

Stupid fun: Start the Dead IDentites video, and when the band starts playing, start the Addams Family one. Hey, I’m simple.

18 Aug

“Suddenly Last Tuesday” – Tubby Hayes Big Band

Quickie today… unless y’all want to hear the Stones’ Ruby Tuesday (or any of ten billion other people covering the damned thing). Here’s a rip-snortin’ piece written by Jimmy Deuchar, and performed by the Tubby Hayes Big Band, on the BBC programme Jazz 625 sometime back in the ’60s.

A better jolt to the senses than any generi-ccino, here’s Suddenly Last Tuesday.

17 Aug

“Blue Monday” – Tanghetto

“I thought this tape was gonna be a fuckin’… conversation stimulator, man!”

What he said.

All sorts of tripe came up in the Monday search. So today’s selection shall have… perversity.

Tanghetto is an electro-tango (huh?) band, hailing from Argentina. The video accompanying their cover of New Order’s Blue Monday was put together from footage they’d shot in London during their first tour of the UK, back in ’06.

Perversity, remember? Also, it’s really early on a Monday morning and I’m still half-asleep enough to think this is a good idea, heh.

Be happy or not!

16 Aug

“Lazy Sunday” – Small Faces

Hearing this song on the trusty satellite radio earlier in the week was what inspired this whole Days of the Week theme, because, yeah, I wanted this song on the list, but had to make it hard for myself to get it there.

We are our own worst enemies, heh.

So here’s a promo video (née film) for the Small Faces’ Lazy Sunday. And it’s sitting quite nicely with me, thank you very much.

15 Aug

“Saturday Morning” – Eels

The Days of the Week theme is still going strong. Lotsa lotsa crappy mawkish Saturday songs out there, though. What is it about Saturday that makes people want to write sensitive ballads, strumming along on an acoustic, or plinkety-plinking the tinkling ivories? Or generic I-IV-V rockers about partying all night? Are those really the majorities choice?


That I’m trying to find (for the most part) music that’s both new to me and entertaining is making the selection process that much more… challenging, yeah, that’s it. Challenging.

So this is the Eels’ Saturday Morning, one of those songs whose video becomes inextricably intertwined with the music in the ol’ cabesa, where the combination of the two make it into a wholer thing, if that makes any sense. Plus, the distortion (or overdrive, or whatever) on the harp is way tasty.

And to top it all off, there’s zombies, and nothing says Saturday to me quite like zombies.

Bon apetit! Heh.