20 Jun

“Pas mechant pas le temps” – Mac Abbe et le Zombi Orchestra

Well, holy shit, kids! Last night’s show was aces… and I only fell up (yes, up, I’m special!) the basement stairs once, heh.

Today’s song o’ the day is an impulsive sort of joy. Woke up, saw a friend request waiting for me on myspace and clicked it…

…and fell in instant mad musical love.

A brief video search turned up no performance clips, so I’ve got to bid y’all adieu as you click over to¬†Mac Abbe et le Zombi Orchestra’s MySpace site to hear what’s driving me nuts right now. All killer, no filler. Trust me.


19 Jun

“Words/Walking in LA” – Missing Persons

Today’s the day, Whoregasm’s first show. So here’s something completely different from 1983’s US Festival in San Bernadino, CA. A live video of two songs (two!) that is almost as long as our 7 song set (seven!).

Go figure, heh. LOUDFASTGO!

Everybody who had blue hair raise yer fuckin’ paws! It’s time for Missing Persons’ Words and Walking in LA.

18 Jun

“Forbidden Zone” – Oingo Boingo

Well shit, looks like it’s turning into Oingo Boingo week, and today’s post does nothing to contradict that.


Ever since I found the YouTube repository(s) of live Oingo Boingo, this song has been stuck in my head, inbetween self-medicating sessions. Forbidden Zone is: a song, a movie, a soundtrack, fucking infectious. Max has posted it too, so I’ll let his researched and information-laden entry speak for me, too. Ain’t I a stinker?

One & a half takes of Forbidden Zone for y’all today, a live version from a show in 1980, and Danny Elfman’s scoring of the theme to the now-cancelled Dilbert television show. WTF, you ask? Watch the footage… you’ll get it.