26 Mar

“Get Free” – Serpentone

Portland, Oregon’s Serpentone is an odd-duck in a sea of odd-ducks (that sea being the Portland scene, as it were). There always seems to be a bit of wicked impishness in some aspect of their songs, whether it be in the music (as a counterpoint to the often heavy subject of the lyrics), or in the lyrics themselves (contrasting the often grinding agonies expressed by the music).

Their music’s like one of those conversations that just clicks, and feeds upon itself, showing you meaning in everything that’s said.

And then there’s Serpentone’s Get Free. (Can anyone tell me what a “push mix” is? Bueller? Bueller?) The music’s, for lack of a better description… perky. Good perky, that is. Lively, upbeat, and stripped to the barest essentials of guitar-bass-drums. The lyrics, while matching the music’s feel, deliver the message of the existential angst of, well, life. Monsters and all.

Jeez, I’m talkin loud here, aren’t I? Fuck it. Good song, y’all, check it out. Here’s Serpentone, with their infectious Get Free.

24 Mar

“Conquest” – White Stripes

From the White Stripes’ album Icky Thump, comes today’s song, Conquest. Do you want to know why it’s today’s song of the day? ‘Cause it’s stuck in my head, has been for the past two hours, and I want it gone. Now.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the song, it’s just… I’ve got musical work of my own to do, and this is getting in the way. 

Surprisingly (or not, depending on your mental musical library), this is a cover. The original Conquest, performed by Patti Page, as you’ll see below, shows that the White Stripes didn’t stray too far from the source material.

That’s all for now, get out of my head already, would ya?

22 Mar

“Bad Girl” – The Zakary Thaks

A little garage fun from 1966 for y’all today. Though the picture on the video is Tommy James & the Shondells, the audio on this YouTube for The Zakary Thaks’ Bad Girl makes up for it. 

Just close your eyes and take this little trip back in time to Corpus Christi, Texas.